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A simple to use sales software for gathering information about clients, leads, deals and measuring sales targets.

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An incredibly useful CRM. We use it to monitor the developments in sales and to manage client data. s.c. CEO
We utilise Entis as it's easy to use, does not require training, you are able to start using it after a few minutes and yet it has everything that any CRM should have.
JPJakub Partyka CEO Industi sp. z o.o.
Cool and easy to use. Ideal in efficient sale management. A+ for intuitive and easy navigation. Highly recommended.
iwisherŁukasz Wasilik iWisher
At last, we have a flexible tool for a good control of the sale department and for maintaining relations with our clients.
establoMichał Kołodziński Co-owner & Sales Director at Establo Pharma

Check what your company's sales are like

Owing to two different outlooks on the chances of sale as well as extended reports operating in the real time, nothing will surprise you! Act in advance and take the right steps sooner.


We know of at least six reasons which make Entis worth using


Intuitive in use: you do not need to train your team in order to use it.


Browse through the chances of sale in a convenient format; see the most important information in one window.


Monitor current sale progress; monitor and act in advance.


Integrate the tools you are already using thanks to the powerful and open API.


Stop worrying about the security of your data: we encrypt everything using a secure https link.


Use all functions for free for 30 days. Check everything before deciding to buy.

Are you constantly on the run?

Soon you will be able to use Entis on mobile devices.


All the important things in one place

Thanks to the innovative "smart line" function, you can group all information about a client, sale or organisation in one place. You can browse, add files, comment, express your opinion directly where something important is taking place.


Bank-level security

We secure the details of your company through daily back-ups and SSL encryption (similarly to bank systems). Cleverly located data centres as well as the active system allow you to act 99.9% of the time when you need to.


We have no doubt that Entis is going to change the way you conduct your business

How much does it cost?

Simple cost evaluation: no hooks, contracts or limits - you pay a previously agreed amount per employee. Check out our price list. If you have more than 30 employees, contact us and we will offer you a better price.

What are the limits?

The capacity of the basic account is 2GB, without any limitations on contacts, chances of sale or activity. The remaining accounts have a larger capacity for files and additional functions.

How to receive help?

Visit our forum, where you will find an impressive database of information about Entis: articles, clips, tutorials and interesting discussions. If you need additional help, send an email to

Who are you?

We are a team of engineers, salesmen and designers, who have been creating amazing web applications for many years. If you would like to meet us in person, feel free to pop in any time.